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Empow(HER) Run LLC is a female led endurance coaching business created by Coach Tiffany to encourage all women to reclaim their inner power + strength through intentional movement, mindfulness, and talk therapy while experiencing the many benefits of running. Empow(HER) Run LLC can help you break the all or nothing mindset + achieve goals, build on and improve your current training plan, and offers customize individualized coaching plans for strength training and running. If you are new to fitness and looking to start running and improve your overall health, I have something for you too!

Note to All Women: There is always a seat for you in our circle - Empow(HER) Run.



I am Tiffany. A Registered Nurse, Health & Mindset Advocate, and Certified Running Coach. 

Tiffany has spent the last 19 years as a caregiver both personally and professionally as a mother and nurse. Tiffany has 3 years of critical care nursing experience and 13 plus years of general nursing experience. Tiffany has worked 13 plus years at a Level One Trauma Center as an Outpatient Plastics and Reconstruction Nurse: treating patients who need reconstructive surgery as a result of disease (i.e. cancer), congenital malformation or accident, treating pediatric and adult burn patients,  and treating individuals suffering from chronic and acute non-healing wounds (secondary to preexisting diagnosis). 

Tiffany's story of self-love, self-worth, life experience and how she arrived to this imperfectly perfect place in life has yet to be published. So she will start here by sharing her running journey and the wisdom and knowledge she has gained along the the way.

Tiffany started running in 2015 for her mental health and overall wellness, for her sanity so she could breathe easy and move through life a little lighter. Running became her therapy, a place of meditation, and her me time. Over the years, running turned into her biggest teacher, passion, joy, and a way for her to identify her own weaknesses and strengths which she did not believe she always had until one day she did. Running/movement was the answer to her depression and health, and to the one question she asked herself too many times while struggling with depression, herself and the challenges of life: "Why?" 

Running changed her life and redefined how Tiffany showed up for herself, her daughter + family, the world. To date, Tiffany has run numerous races ranging from 5k's, 10k's, half-marathons, and marathons. What Tiffany has learned through running solo, with a training team, and a community of runners was that regardless of what she hoped the outcome to be all things are possible, you are worth the effort and the investment. 

Tiffany's running challenges turned into restoration. It looked like running through some really hard things on and off the pavement. It looked like evolving mentally, emotionally, physically and later turned into healing, new perspectives and mindset, new beliefs, self-confidence, and results followed (in running and in my real life). At some point, Tiffany realized no one is always motivated and motivation is a temporary feeling but my "why" is powerful and enough reason to keep showing up putting one foot in front of the other.  

November 2021, Tiffany became a RRCA Certified Running Coach because of what running and the community did for her - support, inspire, encourage me moment to moment, race after race, season too season.  On and off the pavement returning the favor brings her heart so much joy. If  you are ready to tap into your super powers, big energy, a new perspective (victory and lessons), changed mindset, you are in the right place and Tiffany would love to be your Coach/Mentor.

I hope you join me!

Night Running
Confetti Girl
Crossing the Finish Line


Join us on the pavement every Thursday at 6pm. Location TBD week to week - details posted on IG: @empowherrun and FB: EmpowHer Run (follow us!)




16 WOMEN. 16 WEEKS. 16 WINS.
The goal: 16 women runners with different abilities and fitness levels will cross the finish line of their first 10K.



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