HER Rise (Coach Tiffany)

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

My greatest gift was reconnecting spiritually with God and my greatest transformation has been within myself.

I have learned that no matter how unhappy you are, you cannot look for happiness in other people. Life happens every day, situations and circumstances leave you bitter, and sometimes you just cannot help how you feel. You are allowed to feel and work things out within yourself. You are allowed rest and a take breaks. You have the power to choose and create change for yourself. You can control your actions, yourself, and how you respond. You can have joy in chaos! And YOU are allowed to feel and be happy. Happiness is what I like to call a "Me Assignment".

It starts with you!

My journey has been a process of shadow work, prayer, healing my inner child wounds plus mommy and daddy issues, breaking habits and patterns, rebuilding my house and give new meaning to love and self-worth, redefining what happiness should feel and look like for myself. It started with pealing back the layers, acknowledging my trauma, accepting my actions and the choices / decisions I made for myself to survive every season, forgiving myself for hurting me, excepting and loving every version of who I was, who I AM (not just bits and pieces of brokenness). Who I am inside speaks for itself and I am shining on. You can't hide from the hard parts of life but you can find the right people to support you. Let EmpowHERRun be that for you!

My hope is to inspire you by helping restore and renew your relationship with yourself, your mind, your whole self - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I love helping people and I want to do more of that! Healing does not just happen overnight. It is a lifelong process because trauma happens - childhood trauma, adult trauma, trauma: people, places, things, past experiences. There is no one size fit all process. It takes time, patience, forgiveness, love, fully accepting yourself, and speaking your truth.

EmpowHERRun was birthed through a lifetime of championing my own heart. There were times I felt paralyzed by my choices, hurt and pain, powerless, defeated by depression, shame, guilt, and judgment. But I never stopped trying and doing. I never gave up. I never stopped believing I deserved better. I knew that on the other side of the most excruciating pain I had ever felt was the sweetest, purest reflection of God’s love, my new beginnings, my higher self.

Who knew seven years ago, when I laced up my first pair of running shoes my life would be forever changed. Everything good and not so good became jet fuel. I slayed and defeated mountains and giants, I walked through some really hard things, I stepped in to my power - I Am Powerful (E(i)mpower) / HER - You are powerful, we are stronger together.

My blog will target all the things we feel shame around and almost never talk about!

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