Runner's Hack.

If on your journey you find yourself unmotivated it is a natural human response to all things from maneuvering in your day to day life to fitness. The harsh truth and reality about motivation is: motivation is overrated! NO ONE feel’s like doing anything all of the time. Motivation comes and goes but I have found creating healthy habits around my workouts and training, and really understanding my "why" + my intentions behind my actions to be the secret sauce and life hack!

Before we are unmotivated, we are usually inspired by something, we even feel excited about it. Something happens along the way that knocks us off our path mentally and emotionally and reroutes us. As a result, we become closed off mentally and start feeling: feeling self-doubt, feeling defeated by the obstacles, feeling fearful, feeling intimidated by the process, feeling not good enough, and we become more frustrated with the idea of doing things that challenges us.

The truth of the matter is we often get in our own way. We are often times too stubborn and unwilling to let things go and flow. We spend way too much time focussing on all of the negative things. We internalize all of the things that did not go according to our plan the day before in our head hoping that will somehow fix things, and it all spills over into the next day, Fast forward to the next day, lack of motivation has officially set in. Before you have given yourself a chance to focus on the positives of this new day, you have already decided today would be as equally painful as yesterday. Hence no motivation!

What if we acknowledged our lack of motivation mindset by hitting it with a plot twist?! What if a lack of motivation was really just another way for our mind to communicate with our body? What if we responded to our lack of motivations with "Something feels off, what can I change"?

Here are my top 6 tips and "Runner's Hacks" that I keep in my toolkit and have kept me consistent through the years. I hope these tools help you stay inspired on your journey, whatever that may be!

Top 6 tips:

Tip 1: Movement (running) is a habit. Like walking we all had to learn.

Tip 2: Be flexible in your training and in your day. Don't be so rigid and up tight. Life happens all day long. You have to be able to pivot. If you skip a run or two in one week, it is not the end of the world.

Tip 3: Take the pressure off and simply do YOUR best

Tip 4: If today did not go according to your plan, trust it went the way it was supposed to. Let it go and try again tomorrow!

Tip 5: Relax your thoughts and breath. Your nervous system does not suppose to feel like you are riding on a freight train shaking at maximum speed nonstop all the time.

Tip 6: Get out of your own way. Sometimes you have to push through your negative thought pattern because these negative thoughts will sabotage your ability to see things clearly.

Runner's Hack Toolkit

1. Make a Commitment. Make small commitments. Commit to 21 days or one month, a walk / run or a 5k race (give yourself a reasonable time to complete the assignment). This way it does not seem so daunting or permanent.

2. Create a Daily Habit. It is more so about consistency and repetition, not how long it takes you to complete the task. The more you do something, the more routine, natural, free flowing it becomes.

3. Pick a time of day that works best for you and around your schedule + life (i.e. parenting, work, etc.)

4. Make Small Goals. Focus on the process not the end goal / result. Focusing on the process keeps you grounded and focused on what is important. Ultimately, if you focus on what you are doing in the present moment, no matter the outcome of the end result you are still a winner. Why? Because you started and finished something that you thought was impossible and may not have totally believed to be true for yourself when you started.

5. Use Positive Reinforcement. It works if you just have a little faith and believe.

6. Find a Friend. It’s always better with a buddy. Set a weekly running date to help keep you all inspired and having fun. Join a running club. Hire a running coach who will provide you with the tools you need to reach your running goals. Hire a personal trainer to help you gain confidence in the gym.

7. Set YOURself Up for Success by getting a good night sleep (this is important), plan a head what you will eat pre and post run/workout, have your running route picked out a day in advance, set your clothes out the night before, pick a playlist, podcast, or audiobook the night before so all you have to do is hit play!

8. Honor your thoughts by recognizing the significance, importance, validity, sacredness of what matters to you and get clear on your why and intentions. Instead of letting a negative mindset / a lack of motivation mindset beat you down, try a different approach. Find an alternative way to perform certain task. There is always another way. A better way that will work for you. A better way that will help you achieve your end goal.

Last but not least ... If you showed up today a hot mess, fully aware and present of all things (because sometimes it is like that). Do not apologize. Do not feel bad. Just stay in your lane, mind your business, drink your water, and avoid messing up other people's day! You made it through today. You did your best and your BEST is always enough! Homegirl, give yourself permission to do nothing, be still, go inward. You deserve to Relax + Breathe, and try again tomorrow!